Our Chickens

Our flock of twelve chickens came from a kind family with good intentions (choosing to spare the lives of Pearl and Gracie, who were originally purchased and raised to be “meat chickens”). Even so, some in the flock have suffered from an extreme winter, showing signs of frostbite, missing toes, and overfeeding… none of which is uncommon for a “backyard chicken.” One big lesson we have learned is just how much attention each chicken resident requires and that it is truly a full time job to give our friends the attention they deserve, which is something that most backyard chickens will never have the opportunity to experience. Now in our care, we are dedicated to giving this flock a chance to live their best life. We want all animals to thrive, not just survive.

When our flock arrived, our entire board of directors got together and built a large run, as well as bought a new, larger insulated coop for the chickens to begin living their new lives. They love their new home! We have also provided Pearl and Gracie their own space (along with their sidekick, Figaro) to ensure they have a proper feeding regimen for their breed.


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