Haven for Renegade Cats!

Creating a safe and healthy home for former outdoor cats and “barn cats.”.

Love and Protection

Our Haven for Renegade Cats offers these deserters of the outdoor and “barn cat” lifestyle a safe, comfortable, and secure home, away from the danger and risk of feral life. We have a warm indoor space full of cat trees, scratchers, beds, and a fun “catio” for the cats to satisfy their outdoor urges. We give our renegade cats the love and attention they deserve, plus a chance to enjoy the company of other kitty comrades!

What's the problem with outdoor cats?

Cats are domestic animals who struggle to survive and thrive in the wild. They are subject to hypothermia and frostbite, attacks by larger predators, starvation, thirst, injury, parasites, and disease. Being natural predators themselves, they also attack and kill native wildlife and birds, causing a devastating death toll in local ecosystems. We love cats and we wildlife, so we must protect them both!

Meet Our Kitty Renegades



Our first cat resident, a long haired fluff ball with a wild side!



Skelly’s younger brother. Curious and loving!



The sweet, playful tabby with a love for leaves and grass!

Lisa For website

Lisa Vanderfluff

Lisa is a quirky girl who loves cuddles, food, and naps.

Skelly is a cat who wandered our property before we arrived. He snuck around in the woods and would stalk birds and chipmunks! Over time we gained his trust (with the help of food!) and were able get close enough to pet him and offer him treats by hand. One day morning we found him stuck in tree and we managed a swift rescue. Days later his twin brother Skunk appeared and we thought we were seeing double! Both cats made our front patio their home a week while we contemplated the developed the logistics of a permanent haven for their safety. In that time, we became first hand witnesses to their natural instinct to prey on wildlife. It was then we knew we had to act fast and the Haven for Renegade Cats was created! A few weeks later, we found little Bluegrass alone and wondering nearby farmland. He made it known that he did not want to left outside and staged an act of civil disobedience by laying under our car tires so we couldn’t leave! We played with him a little longer and he simply jumped into the car as soon as we opened the door. He then joined Skelly and Skunk at the Haven! The three are now an inseparable crew who love their new home and have the attention and affection they desired!

Learn about Lisa Vanderfluff’s journey to Mystery Meadows on our facebook page.

Your donation directly supports the lives of animals!

The average cost to provide food, medical care, shelter, and other basic necessities is $100 a month for each renegade cat! Your sustaining support will not only help us to provide those basic needs, but you will help us provide enrichment and special little luxuries to keep our residents happy and entertained!